About Me


At age 42 I fell from a ladder and shattered both my ankles.
As I lay on the ground, I had a multi-dimensional experience.
I saw an Entity intensely vibrating in golden light,
radiating a sublime love that engulfed me and flooded me with peace.
I transcended my body and felt myself expand 
in a realm beyond time and space 
where I merged with that luminous Presence.

It lasted a few ecstatic minutes that were eternal.
Wanting to share this experience, I was somehow guided to the The Violet Ray movement,
inspired by Master Saint-Germain who can be defined as an 
energetic current flowing among all the visible and invisible manifestations in this Universe, much like a continuous movement of water in the ocean.
These energies communicate with us through a medium (the Canadian Pierre Lessard)
in order to transmit the Knowledge of the Universe, already present deep within ourselves but all too often forgotten. 
With humor and not a trace of dogmatism the energies of Master St-Germain ceaselessly remind us that the key to joy 
is inside ourselves. We are invited to fully embrace our human physical dimension and our Universal light dimension.
The reconciliation and union of these two dimensions brings inner peace, which will be reflected in peace with others.
We are reminded how easily we identify with our physical dimension, letting our wounds and fears dictate our thoughts and behavior, which generates separation. Meanwhile our Real Self who emanates Oneness remains overgrown by our fears. 
Yet we are first and foremost an immortal Soul of Light — temporarily incarnated in a human body.

Through this blog I want to share how the teachings of Master St-Germain have transformed my life. 
And I want to share inspiring words from others.
It's no coincidence that so many Beings of Light accompany us at this major intersection for humanity. 
At the end of a 26.000-year cycle we are entering a new paradigm where every form and aspect of life on Earth
is being transmuted. There is an awakening of Consciousness all over the planet, a shift from fear to love,
from dependency to inner strength. The old world energy of distrust and division is making room for a deep knowing
that all life is interconnected and that love is the only protection.
We're all companions on this journey and co-creators of this new world.
Let’s anchor the magnificent Light that we truly are deep into Mother Earth
and restore human life as it was intended by our Creator!

For those of you who read French, you can find more on  www.amouretconscience.com