"Guilt implies that we are at fault. Fault implies that things are right or wrong. Right or wrong implies judgement.
And judgement does not work and has no place in our lives.Ergo, judgement and blame precede guilt.
So could it be as simple as not judging yourself, not blaming yourself and not creating guilt? Guilt has no place in your life.
It is a very dangerous and destructive negative energy. Unfortunately, religions almost teach you how to feel guilty and impose guilt in being born in sin. This is rubbish. There is no sin in conception or birth. In truth, there is no sin. The closest we get to sin is ignorance; meaning, to ignore. We ignore the whisper from our hearts, listening instead to the chatter in our monkey mind. This is where guilt is fabricated. Guilt is implicit in judgment, so do not judge yourself or other people. If you are an animal lover, focus on loving animals, not on our cruelty to them.If you are a people lover, focus on the beauty in humanity, not on their utter stupidity. If you are a lover of forests, focus on the forests that still splendidly grow,
not on the rape and plunder of forests. Focus where you would like your life to flow. Not on guilt or judgement or blame.
Focus instead on constantly and consciously ... choosing Love!"

Michael Roads