"Detachment is an act of unconditional love, which means letting everything be in all its perfection and not having any expectation about it, not taking any responsibility for it, nor feeling any burden, condition or possession. It means respecting the totality of the other person's liberty as well as our own, so it is allowing what is there with love and respect while looking at everything as an observer and not as a savior or a victim. It's handing over to the other person the full liberty of their own choices and experiences, since they have chosen to live them. Detachment doesn't mean accepting the unacceptable — a person committing a crime should be put aside. Yet that soul has chosen exactly that experience to be put up against the wall in a face-to-face with itself in order to remember what is right, in order to remember the love forgotten deep inside under a heap of wounds, deceiving beliefs, and pain. 
Every life is a journey back to the truth of who we are."

Chantal Gauthier   Messages célestes.