Earth is being showered with a formidable energy coming from the sun and the cosmos, and fueling the fire in every human being. That fire —  force of life, force of creation, divine energy, shakti, kundalini, no matter what you call it — is a mighty force residing in the Hara, the chakra in our lower abdomen.  
When we use this fire to deploy our deepest talents, those that make our heart sing, we generate the kind of joy that makes every cell in our body dance and our creative force flow. Infinite new ideas then inspire us, shattering the illusive limits
of our wounded self and lifting us into the higher frequency of the heart.
Yet before the fire reaches the heart, it has to cross the solar plexus. Most people have their plexus clogged up with unfinished business, heavy emotions and frustrations that obstruct their fire and deflect it towards destructive outlets.
Their fire then erupts as intolerance, criticism, anger, violence... targeting others or consuming themselves inside,
but in any case causing damage. And with the current intensity, causing a lot of damage!
So before we judge others who sow bombs all over the world, let us realize how close we ourselves often are to the trap
of sowing "terror" in our own small world...
However, knowing that we create our own reality and that we're never anyone's victim, we can use our fire to open our plexus. It's a determination to release our heavy memories — the painful memories that created our wounds and fears.
There is NOTHING in the universe that retains our past, and the current strong energy makes our past no longer stick
to us — if we really choose so! Of course, our fears won't disappear by magical thinking and neither should we deny them,
because they're even more insiduous when underground. Our fears exist, and we should face them and understand
their message which is always a message of transformation. B
ut they exist next to us.
They are part of our lives but not part of us — a major difference!
As long as we identify with our fears, they run the show and determine how we feel and act.
So let's keep them aside. We are then free to guide our fire straight into our heart and let it trigger an abundance of love
and creative energy.

So don't appease your fire. The world is sick, we can no longer wait to heal it.
If our fire is now awakening with such force, it's because we need it.
The time to hide inside a protective cocoon is over. Every cocoon is exploding anyway.
We are called to co-create a new world of peace and love, each one of us with our own talents, with our mighty fire,
and the time is NOW !

Inspired by channelings of Master St-Germain