Terror in Europe

We're all shocked by the terror sown by a handful of men all over Europe these past weeks. 
For thousands of years humans have waged fratricidal wars all over the planet. In the last decades, the violence mostly 
took place in the East, the Middle East and Africa — yet t
he West (under the veil of peace) had a hand in all these wars,
projecting its lust for power outside its own borders. And now, violence reaches the West again, and everyone wakes up
to the horror of war. War for what? For whom? This global war without a known goal seems insane.
 Yet there must be a message that these men are bringing with such extreme violence. Could it be that this world, as it is, makes no more sense? In fact, this horror is the legacy of an old world that is crumbling. An old world whose structures endorsed racism, inequity, a search for power and possessions, and forgot about humans, forgot that we all come from the same Source
to co-create a thriving world of peace. An old world that forgot about the true sense of incarnation, forgot about love.
And today, this old world that so many people still want to keep alive, presents its bill to all of us.
Maybe it's time to realize that this suffering is not generated by a handful of terrorists, but by ALL of us who consciously or unconsciously have allowed such a warped world to exist. That handful is just channeling all the anger and frustrations of the collective. All over the planet, humans have lost the joy of life. Of course, we have to stop these terrorists, but it will take more to solve the problem, because other men carrying way too much pain and rage will soon enough replace them.
These men are most certainly unaware of what they represent in the grand scheme, and are only searching for power — after all, they were forged by the old world and are its fruit! 
So the only thing that can put things right is each of us choosing to let go of our own inner wars — the wars between our ego and heart, between fear and love. "As within, so without."
There is abundance on this planet. There's more than enough for every human being to enjoy life, but not for people to accumulate and be outrageously wealthy. The businessmen who create shortages of water and food to enrich themselves and their shareholders are also causing terror. Oh sure, they seem less violent than the terrorists, but they generate fear
and division in the collective field just the same. There is so much violence on this Earth because her natural abundance is unavailable to the vast majority of people.
So let's strive for equity. Let us be inspired by the sun, offering its light to every form of life without any condition.
Let us be so luminous that it dazzles those terrorists, inspiring them to 
no longer display their power through the fire of guns but through their creative fire! Every human being wants to experience joy, love, unity — even those who make their bombs explode, hurling their distress in our faces. Deep down they are just children who are scared, scared of suffering from the old world over and over again. Let us feel that, let us talk to them in our hearts, soul to soul.
We all are sons and daughters of the Universe, we all are children of the Earth. Our games have become way too violent... The time has come to seriously start building a new world where every human being is honored.

Based on channelings by Master St-Germain