On our way towards Easter

This is March and we are on our way towards Easter, on a journey towards ascension into a higher frequency,
the frequency of the heart. We are supported by formidable cosmic energies, amplified by this month's planetary movements such as two solar eclipses and the spring equinox. This energetic current will be felt like a very strong wind pushing us forward into the most luminous version of ourselves, away from everything which makes no more sense because it is based on fear. Everyone has the choice to either turn their backs on this energy — or to embrace it, 
feeling the urge to dissolve what is heavy and to increase the love in their hearts.
Whatever the choice, the winds will be there, and chances are that those who go against it will experience it like a whipping!
And so, this passage towards Easter invites us to purify our thoughts and speech from fear and toxic emotions.
We are invited to consciously choose thoughts that stimulate a sense of well-being and love for ourselves and others,
and to let go of any form of self-denial or judgment. And let our speech be free from the charges of the past. 
Imagine for a second that the words you speak are no longer colored by the past, no longer conditioned by fears and wounds that were all generated in the past ... Imagine how free you would be to speak from your heart ! Sure, ego wants us to vividly remember the pain of the past, because without fear of being hurt again ego no longer rules our lives.
So if we are serious about our Sadhana and creating a different world, we have to make choices. 
The choice to no longer react to the inscriptions of the past. 
The choice to liberate ourselves from our main fears, the ones that are recurring all the time.
Every fear has a message, so it's all about capturing what that fear is trying to teach us.
Ask your fear: what is it that I must learn? What do I have to transform?
When you really get the message and integrate it, the fear will dissolve itself.
Words are vibrations, let us imagine them as lights, as caresses, as expressions of the heart. Words are powerful,
let us use them to build, to reconcile, to heal, to love, to shatter the illusion of the past and open the door on today.
May the healing of our heart be at the center of this growing towards Easter!