"All too often in the old paradigm, people associated spirituality with religion. Sure, religion can be a vehicle that stimulates the spiritual vibration in everyone — yet the fact remains that spirituality is not a set of rituals or dogmas or prayers. 
Spirituality is a profound urge in every one of man's cells inviting him to make sense of his life.
The source of spirituality is a search for meaning. And in that search, man senses that love is the greatest force,
in spite of appearances. Love is stronger than all wars, than all bombs, than all individual and collective violence.
Love is the expression of the universal Soul, manifested in every human being through their own soul.
Never will man be able to destroy the soul of another human being. 
The universal Soul is the God you pray to. It's the universal energy that you invoke, that you nourish, that you use,
that is the core of your every cell.
The soul expresses itself through love. Love can move mountains, can outsmart the traps and obstacles of life, can transcend the fears. And love leads man towards unity. Unity with his own soul, with the other souls, with the universal Soul. So
man's spirituality really is the search for unity within himself as with everything. It's a search for elevation, for evolution,
a desire for resourcing and creative expression. It's a search for love and unity in every one of his thoughts and actions.
When everything seems to collapse, when man loses everything, he is left with what is essential. When humanity seems to have lost everything for the profit of its financial and economic structures, and when these structures crash,
what is left? What is left on Earth when earthquakes have taken it all?
What's left is all that matters: man, and his brother.
That is spirituality."

Master St-Germain