Rise above the theatre of your daily life

Recently I was in the French town of Lille on a day when a leaden sky was weighing down on absolutely everything.
On the market square stood a carousel, a giant wheel as tall as a 10-story building, with dangling tubs that took people up. On impulse I decided to take a ride, and the turning wheel took me higher and higher, making everything below me smaller and smaller. Then all of a sudden the sky turned blue, and glorious sunlight flooded the air! Beneath me was the square,
the people, the cars, insignificantly small and wrapped in gray, and up there I was jubilating in dazzling light, intensely savoring the moment. As I got off the carousel, the blissful sensation stayed with me and pierced through the gloominess
all around. And I realized how easily we focus on the dark side of things and feel depressed while forgetting to look
beyond appearances where the sun is always shining.
Our life on earth is a play in which we play the leading role, and we take it all so seriously. We identify with every drama
that we encounter, allowing heavy emotions to determine our thoughts and behavior. 
Yet every Master who walked this earth invited us to be aware of the grand scheme beyond our daily theatre:
we are eternal souls of light, temporarily experiencing this physical plane. 
When we choose a state of expansion through conscious breathing, or meditation, or resting our minds in our hearts, the boundaries of this material world dissolve
and we float again in the invisible dimensions. 
We don't need to go "elsewhere" to be free — we already carry the Universe in every one of our cells. So it's not about walking out of the theatre, to the contrary! Our souls came to earth to joyfully explore creating with matter. But the challenge is to not be confined to this dimension. 
Master Jesus said, "Be in the world, not of the world." 
That says it all.