The divine is born

Joshua the prophet, the Master of light, came to Earth to offer humans the reflection
of their own nature.
Like all humans, he was born out of the womb of a mother.
Like us, he gradually discovered his faculties, one after the other.
Like us, he opened his heart and discovered the divine in there.
The divine is born. And it is right to celebrate it, because it is born in every one of us.
Recognize God in you, recognize the divine in every cell of your body.
The more you recognize the divine in you,
the more the divine is manifested through you, around you, for the others.
Don't wait for the divine, don't wait for the Messiah, because he's already born inside every one of us.
Let us not abandon him, let us not betray him by not recognizing him inside ourselves.
Let us honor him in love — by being united to our divine nature and to our brothers,
and by being conscious creators of a better world.
                   Master St-Germain