Golden Age of Humanity

For thousands of years this humanity was on a collision course. Life after life after life, humans identified with their wounds and fears and were out of touch with their Higher Selves. Hubris and insecurity brought about the need for control and possessions — the source of every war. The lack of consciousness made the collective energy vibrate at such a low frequency that by the end of the 20th century humanity was very close to self-destruction.
However, around the same time we came to the end of a 26.000-year cosmic cycle — a major passage. The frequency of
the energy in the cosmos and of the Earth herself began to rise exponentially, starting a process of transmutation of every form of life while activating the feminine principle. People everywhere wanted to find meaning beyond the rat race,
beyond the ancient dogmas. They walked out of the churches to discover the divine in themselves. They sensed an infinite energy as the substance of every living cell, which made Oneness the only truth and separation an ill
Simultaneously, since the 80s there is a massive arrival of "new" children. They are naturally in contact with the invisible realms and are born with extrasensory faculties that allow them to see through the old system's lies and manipulations. 
And a huge shift happened on planet Earth: enough light was present to reverse our course from destruction to healing. Enough people were vibrating at the high frequency of the heart to keep this humanity going. A new era of brotherhood
is at the horizon, and it is irrevocable — but it won't happen by magic. 
We cannot want change without changing. The recent terrorist attacks in Paris urgently invite us to be that change.

Here's what Master St-Germain said after the attacks:
"Today, let love radiate from your entire Being so that it illuminates the Earth where all of humanity is in distress.
This is no time for judgment or condemnation, but more than ever for love without conditions.
Violence and anger never allowed the creation of a world of peace and love, not on this Earth and not in the Universe,
nor have they allowed the emergence of a just and fraternal world. Today, more than ever, the Masters of Light walk
with humanity to open people's eyes to love. May your wounds and fears, rather than generate a desire for vengeance,
waken you to what is most unifying. Don’t let your fears contribute to more suffering on Earth — there is enough of that.
May all humans understand that life, as it is currently lived, is not creating unity.
The economical, political, financial, social, and educational structures of all countries, just like all religions, do not
promote peace and love since today the entire Earth is suffering and shaken by so much violence.
If on the surface only a handful of men are begetting all that violence, recognize that these men are the fruits of a world
that generates iniquity and war.
Today, dear Souls, open your hearts and your eyes and acknowledge that this war, because it is indeed a war, is not a religious war. It is the expression of men who, in spite of being unaware of their profound frustrations, are conveying
that your world can no longer exist like that. The current structures do not allow its evolution nor its transformation.
ear is feeding war, and war is feeding fear.
Today every thought, every look, every word, and every brotherly gesture contribute to changing the world.
The end of terrorism will not be obtained by destroying the terrorists, but by changing the world.
And it’s the changes inside every one of you that will inspire and demand the changes of the structures.
So get together, victims and attackers, to recognize that your pain is the same.
All of you, unite to change the world — not by destroying it but by creating a new one.
Concretely, start by emanating love, and change your thoughts into unifying and creative thoughts.
There has been more than enough terror and pain on Earth for every human to wake up without casting any stones and become again a creator of light.
Today, humanity calls for everyone to become an Artisan of the New World. We invite all of you to be Artisans of Light.
Receive our Love."