New children

Last Sunday, out of the blue my 6 year-old nephew August asked me if I had already sent a ray of light to Joseph 
on death row that day. Once again I was wonderstruck by the innate wisdom of these "new" children who arrive 
on Earth with their extrasensory faculties fully developed. They are part of the Universal plan to help humanity evolve into the golden age of brotherhood. These children innerstand that everything is energy and that they are creators — they naturally send rays of love from their heart to someone visible or invisible, very aware that it makes a difference.
When such kids arrive in families where those faculties are ridiculed and life is reduced to mental analyses, they often become frustrated and even depressed. Which is why our education system, focused on performance and competition, really needs to change. It is so important that children are guided to discover what they came here for, what makes
them vibrate intensely, what makes their hearts sing. It is essential that they're taught to be true to themselves, to their deepest callings, even if it's not what their parents want or expect. We must teach children that it's okay to disappoint others, that they're not responsible for someone else's well being, that happiness can only come from being creative
with their own talents. When we stimulate kids to keep their natural connection with the divine flowing like a river of love sparks instead of having to "earn" its benevolence, they won't search for approval from others at their own expense.