We are accompanied

 Are we aware of the intensity of love that has accompanied our humanity all along its journey?
Time and again, Masters of light have incarnated on Earth to wake humans from a deep slumber of ignorance and denial, 
and remind them that they are Beings of light themselves.
These Initiates carrying the knowledge of the Universe invited people to recognize that they are of the same divine nature,
of the same family. And although the message was loud and clear: "God is inside you, you are one with the Universe," people started to worship the messenger and make him the only son of God. Whether his name was Gautama, Jesus, Mahomed, a Prophet, a Master of light... each one came here to teach that human Beings carry a formidable creative
power inside themselves. They all guided humans to vibrate in their hearts, recognize themselves as Universal and
divine, and recognize each other as such.
Over the ages, these messages of light have been distorted by people who wanted to dominate others, and those distorsions were believed by those who felt helpless out of fear. Any religion or spirituality that makes you believe that
you're a powerless sinner whose nature it is to suffer, is a tool used to control you.
In these times of rising vibrations, a major shift from authority on the outside to authority on the inside is happening.
There will be no "savior". Jesus will not incarnate again because he's already present, as are all the other enlightened Beings: the Masters of light are that Divine energy of the Universe of which our own Being is composed.
God is inside every one of our cells. Every answer to any situation, every guidance towards pure joy
is found within. Let us shine our magnificent light!