Make people grow !

The Babemba Tribe in South-Africa has a most wonderful way of dealing with crime.
When someone does something harmful, the Tribe places that person in the center of the village surrounded by them all. For 2 days, the members remind the person of all the wonderful things he or she has accomplished.
This Tribe believes that every human Being is fundamentally good: we all want to love and be loved, 
we all want to live in peace and joy. 
And when someone makes a mistake, the community sees it as a cry for help.
They then unite to support the person and help them reconnect with their inner beauty, until they remember the truth from which they were temporarily unplugged : "I am a good person."
This profound experience will help them in the future to make choices in alignment with this truth. 
Some day, the criminal justice system will grasp that punishing and degrading people only perpetuates their rage. 
Some day, judges will know that crimes come from a place of pain and brokenness, and that healing starts by offering people the mirror of their light.