Execution vs unconditional Love

Last week, the state of Georgia executed a woman who had been on death row for 18 years for having planned
the murder of her husband. Her friend who had done the actual killing testified against her and got away with prison for life. It was the first time that Georgia executed a person who did not commit a murder themselves.
This woman, Kelly Gissendaner, spiritually transformed herself while being incarcerated, and even became a protestant minister. 
The five members of the Georgia board of pardon and parole refused to grant her clemency, and all I can think is, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." These people let their fears weigh down on their hearts, keeping humaneness and compassion under lock and key.
Let's send them light from our hearts. May it stimulate them to open their consciousness and see the grand scheme of Life beyond appearances. May they realize that there is only Oneness, that whatever they do to
someone else will come back to themselves as karma, that love is the only Force that can heal any situation.
Let's send light to the state of Georgia that still holds on to the old world's energy of pride and vengeance,
which keeps the wheel of suffering spinning. May the people of Georgia open their hearts and find there
the delicious nectar of brotherhood.
And let's send light to America that has all too often betrayed its role as beacon of hope for the world.
May more and more people make the shift from fear to love, and create a space from sea to shining sea
where capital punishment is an abomination.