Lunar eclipse

Dana Mrkich on the lunar eclipse of september 27th.

"This is what feels true for me right now: Humanity is shifting and awakening, and it's happening to more people, more rapidly every day. Change and transformation are happening as more and more of us experience constant 'vibrational upgrades' and heart  openings, that trigger everything from making healthier choices about  what to eat, where to live, what kind of relationships we want, and what we feel called to do in terms of work and purpose, to growing awareness about the many aspects of our global systems that have worked against people and planet for a very long time, to the increasing tide demanding a new kind of reality in every life area, and going about the business of creating it, doing it, living it, embodying it.
It is not about waiting for a saviour
or so called 'the event'. 
False hope that an overnight saviour is going to come
is an excellent distraction, making sure we keep our power at arm's length,  keeping us passive, making sure we don't play an active role in the tangible creation of a healthier, happier, more conscious and harmonious world.
It's about living the new reality right now, in every way you can, in whatever ways you feel called to do. As you live and embody your own piece of the puzzle, it inspires people around you to live their own piece of the puzzle.
And as  greater numbers awaken and as the energies accelerate, the process  accelerates. That is, in the past
1person affected 10, who go on to affect 100. Nowadays, 100,000 are affecting 1 million, who go on to affect
10 million. Quantum leaps. Critical mass. We are the flash of light from the sky we have been waiting for."