Gay marriage

A man on the news called gay marriage an abomination, and said that Daniel's dreams were coming to life
right before his eyes... 
Maybe it is time for American Christians to stop focusing on the vengeful God of the Old Testament, and turn 
towards Jesus who taught that God's Love is unconditional. 
College students get different textbooks from first graders because their consciousness evolved and grew.
The same happened to humanity's collective consciousness. A wrathful God served a purpose for the human level of awareness of 4000 years ago, but with an ongoing evolution towards deeper insights humans outgrew that concept and were ready for Jesus teaching them to see the Light inside themselves and every human Being. Today, humanity is ready to embrace that Oneness. There has been a shift into a new paradigm
where Love is the only reference. 
When two people love each other and desire to commit in a sacred way, there is wholeness and holiness, whether these people are gay or straight, and we should all celebrate the magnificence of their Love.
Who are we to dictate what form Love should take? Who are we to declare that gay Love is a lesser Love? There is only one race — the human race. 
What a great opportunity to teach our kids that any form of judgment is always human and could never be divine!