From love of power to power of love !

I recently saw a video clip with the message, "These Chinese Female Soldiers on Parade give a whole new meaning to the beauty of a military unit marching in a precise formation".
All I could see were hundreds of women trained like soulless robots with the sole purpose of gloryfying an army, a ruthless machine that defends a flag and influence and keeps systemic separation and fear alive.
It's especially disturbing to see women brainwashed like that — women who by nature nurture life and foster human warmth. The sad state of the world is the result of thousands of years of masculine left brain dominance, where the mind calls the shots and the heart is on a back burner. 

But the tide is turning, and it's now unstoppable. More and more men are opening up to the feminine
right brain energy and question a system that manifests itself as a rat race in which cutthroat competition
and performance are praised.
nd women everywhere refuse the old world based on the love of power, and are transforming their
own microcosmos with the power of love. The golden age of brotherhood is dawning. 
And if I sound like an extra-terrestrial for thinking like this.... You are right.
But guess what : so are you!
We all come from the same divine Source, we're all Beings of light pretending to be just humans. 
Time to celebrate our true nature and shine our magnificent light!