Hope versus Conviction

Hope, very often, is the fate of victims, of those who feel powerless. They hope for change, pray for change,
hope that something or someone outside themselves will bring about change — and let their happiness depend on that.
Instead of cherishing hope, be convinced that YOU can create change.
You are energy, and at every instant your thoughts create the content of your life. Choose to no longer identify with your wounds or the frustrations they generate, but unite with your Real Self, the unlimited Being of love that you are.
Have the profound conviction that you are light, and express yourself accordingly.
Only that can truly change your life — simply hoping could never do that.
Moreover, the immutable law of attraction will bring in your life situations and people that vibrate at your frequency.
Choose to live in your heart, and your life will reflect it. And when something difficult happens, it always invites you
to see what you need to transform in yourself to stop attracting such experiences.
Nothing is ever random in this Universe of energy.