The meaning of Good Friday

"This day is a day of Grace. It's a real opportunity for all of you to lovingly choose who you want to be. 
The strong energy that is now vibrating in Earth's atmosphere, fostered by grand cosmic movements associated with a full moon, made heavy memories emerge inside each one of you. True ghosts that you thought were gone, came back to the surface. In the past, these painful memories were the source of certain character traits that conditioned many of your moods, attitudes and behavior which didn't correspond to the Being of light that you are.
Today, the emergence of these ghosts, illusory yet very invasive, allows you to make a conscious choice: let them die, in order to be born again as the magnificent Being of light that you are, that you have always been and that you will always be.
On this auspicious day, benefit from the very intense energy to let these characters in you die, and choose true Life.
You are accompanied by our love."  Master St-Germain