Humanity is suffering

Humanity is suffering.
Rich people anguish over the future, constantly worrying about losing money, and isolating themselves while trying to 
secure their possessions. Poor people anguish over the future, not knowing if they will even eat tomorrow, and feeling utterly abandoned by the world. I am currently visiting Ghana where a majority of the population lives on less than
two dollars a day. I see appalling living conditions in village after village, and realize that we are collectively responsible for this state of the world. Profound insecurity made us, humans, look for security in the material world, and greed
created a system of cutthroat competition and exploitation that 
separated us all from each other. 
We don't recognize ourselves as the wonderful Beings of light that we truly are, because no one taught us.
We lost our connection with the divine within, and conditioned
 by our judeo-christian heritage we fully identify with
our small wounded selves — a hotbed for insecurity and fear.
Making a shift from the head to the heart will allow us to recognize and embrace our own magnificent light,
and progressively shed our insecurity and the need to find self-worth through possessions. 
We would finally be free to share, which is the basis of justice, which is the basis of peace.