Graceful endings

"The Universe, Light, Love, your Soul, are all infinite. Contrary to popular beliefs, your Soul is intact and never wounded.
It's your personality who is wounded. Your Soul is pure light and manifests itself as your Real Self, your Universal dimension in all its magnificence. The Light that you are is infinite, yet your creations are ephemeral. That is the law of impermanence. Just like your bodies, your creations as well as your relations have an ending. Everything in this Universe is perpetually in motion, making every instant different from the previous one. This makes room for renewal, but it also means ruptures, breaks, split-ups... or gentle endings. An ending doesn't need to be violent. You are a creator, and have been creating all your life — you can also create the endings in your life instead of undergoing them.
With the current intense vibrations all around you, everything vulnerable will be shaken. Everything that doesn't match who you truly are, that doesn't stimulate your deepest callings, everything that caters to your wounds... becomes vulnerable and could break off. This could be an object that has become a burden. You hung on to it because it gave you an illusory feeling of security, but now it keeps your vibrations low and makes you vulnerable. Maybe the moment of its ending is near.
It could be a relationship that served you well in the past. A friend with whom you shared an activity that you stopped doing in favor of something much closer to your essence — and without any judgment that friendship lost its steam.
Certain relationships may no longer correspond to what you really want to do instead of doing what you "have" to do
in order to be accepted and loved... and make you vulnerable. The theme of ending is very much present now. 
Look at the aspects of your life that are vulnerable, and prepare harmonious endings that can be effervescent because they make way for something new that is more you. Don't lose yourself in what makes no more sense, and make an end to it. Because if you don't do it consciously, it's bound to happen in distress and pain. Stop identifying with your personality
who is committed to suffering. That is not you! Your personality was useful as long as you viewed life as an obstacle,
when in truth it's a place of joyful creation. You are an incarnated Being of light, and it's time to identify with your light !"
Master St-Germain