The divine in you

The divine in you is tenderness towards the human in you. The divine cohabits with the human.
The divine in you is your Soul, that formidable creative energy that is one with the creative energy of the Universe.The divine vibrates in every one of your cells. Is it not written that God is everywhere?
That creative energy manifests itself through your deepest callings. What are those deepest talents,are you aware of them? They are not the skills you developed to respond to the expectations of your environment,
nor the roles you play in order to fit in. Your Soul's talents are what makes you intensely vibrate, what makes your heart sing out of sheer pleasure and not because of a result, it is what animates you most profoundly.
It's who you really are, your Real Self, the very best you have to offer — which means that your creative movement is love. 
And when you get lost and you identify with your personality and his eagerness to please instead of being 
what you came here for, you create an existential conflict. And the wider the gap between your Real Self
and your personality, the more likely you are to suffer. It's the true cause of every imbalance, every disease. Let's say your deepest calling is tending trees and healing forests, yet you work in an office all day.
Such a situation will generate frustrations that you will inevitably project upon others, probably unconsciously.
And even if you're successful in your personality's role and you get social and financial rewards, it will never give you real joy. Why? Because deep down you know that you are loved for what is not really you.
So we invite you to progressively start feeling what you came here for, what is your unique contribution to
this creation called humanity. Do it gently and with humor, because there is no room for guilt:
the divine in you is pure tenderness towards the human.

Master Saint-Germain