Divine alchemy

Human Beings, by the very nature of their luminous souls, are called to perform divine alchemy 
and transmute lead into gold — in other words, love darkness to such an extent that it becomes light.
Every time I visit my friend on death row, I'm invited to be an alchemist and flood that judicial system with love. 
It's choosing to see the divine spark in the eyes of every person involved, the spark of their innate desire to love and be loved — even if fear makes them participate in organized murder. 
It's choosing to move beyond any frustration or anger into the sanctuary of my heart.
This is often a challenge, but b
eing an alchemist is knowing that light dissolves darkness. Always. 
When you open a door to a dark room, light flows in — it's never darkness that flows out.
And we are incarnated Beings of light! Shining our magnificent light is what we came here for.