How to deal with the intense sadness at seeing this world?

Question:  I feel a lot of sadness at the moment because of the terrible war in Gaza, and the worldwide discovery of horrors such as
paedophile networks. How to deal with this depression?

Answer from the Masters of Light:  The sadness in people who are truly on a path of love and evolution, like you are, has to do with a deep
nostalgia for a world of peace — a world that exists in the Universe.
In fact, you carry within you the awareness and the sensation of that world of love, which means that the more today's world is violent and
dishonoring human life, the more you feel that sadness. It could turn into a depression as you begin to lose the meaning of life.
So what can you do?
It is essential to realize that your soul chose to be incarnated at this very stage of humanity's evolution. None of you are here now by accident.
And if that was your soul's choice, it was not so that you would suffer from depression but so that you could offer your most luminous vibrations —
like so many other individuals. You probably won't change the world tomorrow, but you can certainly collaborate in a new world.
Dear soul, recognize that you have the natural capability to emanate light and to emanate love without limits, and that by doing so you are
helping to transform this world. Find your joy not in the result, but in your own unique contribution to a more luminous world.
You should know that there are many of you, and that one day you will reach the critical number that is needed to make humanity shift.
For now, exchange your sadness for the joy of collaboration and for that inner force that allows you to emanate light.
When you're sad, you diminish your light and your love — which only intensifies your sadness process.
So make the choice to recognize who you truly are in the Universe: an immortal being of light.
And you came to Earth to collaborate in a profound transformation — vibration after vibration.

We are with you all the way.
Receive our love.