God had a great secret

  God had a great secret
  that She just couldn’t keep
  and one day
  Her Heart exploded
  with the Big Bang.

Her inability to contain Herself
became galaxies.

She poured Her Heart out
and it slowly began
sorting itself out
into the universe.

She spilled the beans (the stars)
so completely,

Her repressed blushing
became sunsets,

She whispered Her secret music
into the heart of every atom
and the electrons
could not help
but giddily dance.

All creation became a chatter box
gossiping to each other nonstop
about the wild, loving mysteries
She’d shared with them.

Evolution was what happened
as the story of ecstatic wonderment
was passed through life
from ear to ear
changing slightly
with each iteration.

She set truth to dancing
with the whirl of Her planets
and kissed the nucleus of everything
with her only real ordinance:

“Make your love visible.”

                         Chelan Harkin