Prison guards

Every time I visit my friend on death row, I am fascinated by the people who work there.
Who are these men and women making a (meager) living by driving every day to a building that houses so much pain? How is someone capable of working for a system that kills men like human refuse?
How do they manage to run away from their humaneness? Who's hiding behind those uniforms that give them an illusion of power? Who are they, those guards who often make us visitors feel like we too should be punished?
Those whose eyes never smile?
They must all be unaware that the prison system they work for is a reflection of their own inner world — t
hey live inside the prison of their fears, frustrations, and anger. Without any notion of their souls of light, these guards identify with their smaller selves and project their unresolved issues onto those over whom they have power.
When confronted with a disagreeable guard, I'm no longer impressed, 
because I see the wounded child under the armor. I mostly succeed in sending light from my heart to theirs. And I try to understand why this person appeared on my radar screen. Everything is energy, every situation holds a message. What vibration within me is reflected by this guard? Am I in some way abusing power against someone else? Against myself? Or is this simply an invitation to always stay in my heart? Master St-Germain teaches us that every challenging encounter is a chance to release aspects of our own energy pattern that still resonate with that heaviness. 

And of course, I  also want to honor the countless guards who spread human warmth inside that cold prison world
— who understand that being locked up is the sentence, and that humiliation and abuse of power were never part
of the deal.


Earth is being showered with a formidable energy coming from the sun and the cosmos, and fueling the fire in every human being. That fire —  force of life, force of creation, divine energy, shakti, kundalini, no matter what you call it — is a mighty force residing in the Hara, the chakra in our lower abdomen.  
When we use this fire to deploy our deepest talents, those that make our heart sing, we generate the kind of joy that makes every cell in our body dance and our creative force flow. Infinite new ideas then inspire us, shattering the illusive limits
of our wounded self and lifting us into the higher frequency of the heart.
Yet before the fire reaches the heart, it has to cross the solar plexus. Most people have their plexus clogged up with unfinished business, heavy emotions and frustrations that obstruct their fire and deflect it towards destructive outlets.
Their fire then erupts as intolerance, criticism, anger, violence... targeting others or consuming themselves inside,
but in any case causing damage. And with the current intensity, causing a lot of damage!
So before we judge others who sow bombs all over the world, let us realize how close we ourselves often are to the trap
of sowing "terror" in our own small world...
However, knowing that we create our own reality and that we're never anyone's victim, we can use our fire to open our plexus. It's a determination to release our heavy memories — the painful memories that created our wounds and fears.
There is NOTHING in the universe that retains our past, and the current strong energy makes our past no longer stick
to us — if we really choose so! Of course, our fears won't disappear by magical thinking and neither should we deny them,
because they're even more insiduous when underground. Our fears exist, and we should face them and understand
their message which is always a message of transformation. B
ut they exist next to us.
They are part of our lives but not part of us — a major difference!
As long as we identify with our fears, they run the show and determine how we feel and act.
So let's keep them aside. We are then free to guide our fire straight into our heart and let it trigger an abundance of love
and creative energy.

So don't appease your fire. The world is sick, we can no longer wait to heal it.
If our fire is now awakening with such force, it's because we need it.
The time to hide inside a protective cocoon is over. Every cocoon is exploding anyway.
We are called to co-create a new world of peace and love, each one of us with our own talents, with our mighty fire,
and the time is NOW !

Inspired by channelings of Master St-Germain

Letter to my African brother

On this Indian summer day I was cycling along my hometown's river when I saw you sitting on a bench.
Your energy laid-back and easy, dreadlocks dancing around your face, you were soaking up the sun.
As our eyes locked for a second, you offered me the most radiant of smiles. It touched my core.
You offered all the splendor and resilience of your Africa. You probably fled her because she didn't offer you any future,
and God knows what kind of situation you left behind. Yet you also left the land that nourished your soul with its unique
flair for joy and laughter to end up in a gray country where everything is heavy.
In that second I felt shame for the inequity that forces people like you to uproot themselves.
Yet that same second brought your smile containing the Universe, 
carrying us both beyond the illusion of separation. 
Thank you, radiant African man, for infusing that second with so much light
and reminding me what life is truly about.


"Detachment is an act of unconditional love, which means letting everything be in all its perfection and not having any expectation about it, not taking any responsibility for it, nor feeling any burden, condition or possession. It means respecting the totality of the other person's liberty as well as our own, so it is allowing what is there with love and respect while looking at everything as an observer and not as a savior or a victim. It's handing over to the other person the full liberty of their own choices and experiences, since they have chosen to live them. Detachment doesn't mean accepting the unacceptable — a person committing a crime should be put aside. Yet that soul has chosen exactly that experience to be put up against the wall in a face-to-face with itself in order to remember what is right, in order to remember the love forgotten deep inside under a heap of wounds, deceiving beliefs, and pain. 
Every life is a journey back to the truth of who we are."

Chantal Gauthier   Messages célestes.

The truth about Life

I am going to tell you the truth of life on earth. But you are not going to like it.

You are not going to like it because you already know this truth and have chosen to forget it. You are determined not to be reminded. So you are going to make excuses for not hearing it, for avoiding it and for continuing to forget it.

Here it is.

You have no right to be unhappy ever.

But you think you have. So in your ignorance you live intimately and willingly with unhappiness; you have made a partner of it in your life. At any moment you are likely to be depressed, sullen, worried, resentful, frustrated, fretful, moody.

No one can rely on you to be without unhappiness for long. It is closer and dearer to you than any man, woman or child in your life. So it regularly comes between you and others, plunging even your cherished relationships into discord and argument.

Undeterred, however, you persist in living through your troublesome, spiky emotions, forcing those around you to live through them too, until it suits you to be agreeable and nice again . . . till the next time.

The horror is, you believe that living this way is natural to life on earth.

So you tolerate and excuse your sordid, unhappy moods. And by your example you infect the children with this terrible, unnatural disease. While throughout, you think you are lovable or that you deserve to be loved more. You are irresponsible. You dishonour life on Earth. Because you love your unhappiness, and not life.

Are you doubting this? Then let us test your integrity. Next time you are moody, irritable, worried, sulkily silent, impatient or depressed, will you give it up immediately, now, and come to life? Or will you hold on grimly to this ugliness, your unhappiness? Will you defend it? Buckle down with true grit to your right to be unhappy? Fight for it? As perhaps you are inclined to do now?

Anything you cling to with such devotion and loyalty you obviously love.

You have conveniently chosen to forget that your unhappiness is yours alone.

You alone are responsible for it as your personal contribution to unhappiness on earth. It can be there in you only for as long as you are sufficiently selfish, immature and insensitive to put up with it. No one else can be rid of it for you. No one else wants your unhappiness, only you.

So why are you dishonest with yourself? Why when you are unhappy do you pretend and complain that you don’t want to be unhappy? When it is you all the time doing it, holding on to it?

Now let me remind you of the rest of the truth of life on earth.

You have no right to be unhappy, ever,­ because life is good.

And life is always good now.

Let someone press a pillow over your face now, or when you are unhappy, and you will get the point. Be told that you have cancer and a month to live­ and watch every problem, every pathetic bit of unhappiness in your life now, vanish miraculously.

Instantly you will discover that life is good. And that it is good now, this moment and every moment. You will realise that life is not in yesterday or tomorrow, not in that past and future dreamland of unhappiness where you breed and hatch your moodiness and resentments.

Whatever day you die — ­ and it is always closer than you think —­ your one wish will be that you had realised the truth of life. Must you be forced to face death to know that life is good?

There is no unhappiness in events.

Any unhappiness is in you ­ in your holding on to the right to be unhappy because things have changed, as they must. No one can escape the events of life. But in the blindness of being unhappy you fail to see that shocking events only exist to shock you into waking up and realising the truth of life.

That is the purpose of living­ which you have also chosen to forget.

You always have a good excuse to justify your unhappiness. Always someone or something is to blame ­ but never you, who is the only one to blame. You smoulder angrily because of what someone has done to you. You are bitter or moping because someone has failed you, betrayed you, let you down. Or you are inconsolable, lost in grief, because a lover, a loved one, your job or your money has died or left you.

That is living like most people do. But it is not life. Living that way and ignoring the truth of life has to be traumatic or painful because everything you live for must die, change or pass away ­ while you keep hoping it won’t.

Trying to live with such hopelessness, such pointlessness, is unhappiness.

But you are not just living.

You are life.

You are life itself, personified on earth. And you are life all the time behind the incessant ups and downs of the personality ­ not just some of the time.

Life does not change or pass away. Life goes on. Has there ever been a moment when you did not go on, when you did not get through even the direst crisis? Of course not.

Life is good because life is true. And it is every moment ­ once you surrender the right to be unhappy.

Surrender it now and you are free.

Barry Long

An extract from 'Only Fear Dies'